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Chapter 11

  • He took a deep breath in through his nose and threw the paper on the floor. Mia watched as the crushed receipt fell on the ground. Before she could voice out against it, Damon was cornering her. Within a minute, she was pressed against the wall and his body.
  • A shiver ran down her spine as his cold breath fanned her face. Mia wanted to scream. This was not happening again! But for some reason, she couldn't do anything but watch his eyes. His hand came towards her cheek, and she inhaled sharply, anticipating his touch.
  • "Tell me if you don't want this" He whispered. 
  • She stayed quiet. Mia arched into his touch, letting him cradle her cheek. Her boss leaned forward and slammed their lips together. She whimpered softly as Damon bit down on her bottom lip, their kiss growing deeper and more overwhelming. Mia was unbelievably aware of everything: the rush of her heart almost deafening in her mind, the heat emanating from his body and the warmth of their lips sliding together. He tasted like the barest hints of coffee and mint. 
  • Mia felt like she's drugged, mind spinning in blissful circles and veins burning with lust and adrenaline. Her body was running on pure instinct as his hands skirted down her, his fingers finally settling in the dip of her waist. Their desperate kisses gradually turned into unhurried brushes of lips and slides of tongues. 
  • Pulling back, the CEO immediately buried his face into her neck, pressing a greeting kiss to the nape. It instantly soothed the small trembles that had been overtaking her body. The kiss soon turns into him, sucking a hickey onto the delicate skin, big and bold. 
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