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Chapter 29

  • Mia's back felt hot and sweaty as she started to stir, the low hum of the room's air conditioning unit finally rousing her from sleep. Her alarm hadn't yet gone off so it must still be early, but she had to escape the relentless heat. The assistant didn't understand it, since the air con was working. As she went to move away but found it bit difficult, only to realise that something was holding her down. 
  • Her eyes flew open and looked down, eyes wide as she took in the sight of Damon's long arm wrapped tightly around her, gripping at the fabric of her shirt, actually his shirt. 
  • Even though this is what Mia had wanted for a long time, it was suddenly too much.
  • Mia tried to wriggle away. His hold tightened as she tried to escape, and a groan left her lips as he pulled her back. Her back flush against his bare chest now. When did he get rid of his shirt? That's not the issue anyway. 
  • The CEO was formidable. Very hard. And he seemed to be rutting up against her backside. Part of her wanted to rock back against it, let him know she was awake, that she wished to whatever this was Damon was giving. But she couldn't. Her body was prickling with desire, and she tried to keep her breaths as steady as she could. 
  • Slowly, carefully, Mia craned her head to peer at Damon, and from what she could see, the man was still fast asleep. Maybe, then, it was a natural reaction to a warm body being near his cock. But God. She could feel every inch of it, only separated by the thin cotton of their shorts. For once she was glad that she chose to wear shorts. 
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