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Chapter 17

  • /His POV/
  • After the visit to his parent's house, Damon couldn't stop thinking and finally decided that he needed to ask Mia about the dinner. The CEO was still annoyed that his mother was trying to set her up with someone else. Why does he care? He shook his head at that and swiftly walked to his office.
  • As soon as the CEO stepped in, Damons eyes automatically travelled towards Mia instead of just walking by, and he wished he hadn't seen her. 
  • His assistant was wearing this white v-neck that showed off her long arms and the dip between her chest. All he wanted was to honestly jump over the desk and litter her skin with marks. Make sure to get every inch of it and let others know who she belonged to. The thought caused him to suppress a groan.
  • "Miss Grace," He cleared his throat when he noticed an employee staring at them.
  • Startled, she looked up, her eyes wide and mouth slacked. "Uhh...Sir?"
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