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Chapter 12

  • Stella and Jane dragged her to some posh dessert bar which happened to be New York's new thing. Mia didn't refuse because who could say no to sweet and alcohol? That's how she doing herself sitting with my her best friends, drinking a splash of champagne and fruit on the patio of the new bar.
  • It was a warm evening. Breeze blew by them as they sat on the edge, away from prying ears talking about everything and nothing. 
  • "So, how's work?" Stella asked, between a mouthful and another in her fruit tart. That didn't look edible at all. Mia didn't know why her friend took an extra serving of that. "Is that asshole of your boss still pissing you off, Mia?"
  • At the mention of Damon, a shiver ran down her spine. Her disdain towards her boss wasn't exactly a secret to the people close to her. More than often she got teased about it. Usually, Mia could brush it off but not after he gave her the best orgasm of her life.
  • "Oh, that wonderful creature," Jane sighed, a dreamy look in her eyes as she took a massive swig of her mint mojito. "Stella, you need to see him. He's the perfect human being. He's a god. Really. There's nothing wrong with him, physically—the perfect face, body, clothes, hair. Oh, God, the hair. He has that kind of hair that looks carefully messy as if he just had sex with someone."
  • Mia clenched her thighs together. She didn't need to be reminded of that hair. Those silky strands felt perfect and so long under her fingers. 
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