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Chapter 36

  • When her doorbell rang, she knew. Somehow in the middle of brushing her hair in front of the vanity mirror, Mia knew that its Damon on the other side of the door. The thought caused her to breathe deeply and freeze in her spot until the next one rang more urgent and loud. Keeping the hairbrush on the table, she rushed towards the door, her heart in her throat the entire way. Why was he here? What did he want now? 
  • There was no way Mia wanted to see him after what he did. Where was her friend when she needed her? Maybe she should have asked Jane to stay over. 
  • With hesitant breaths she opened the door and wanted absolutely nothing more than to jump into his arms. Also be pinned up against the wall and kissed until the air had trouble finding their lungs.
  • Damon appeared so gorgeous and ethereal and staring at him only hurt. She couldn't help but be reminded about his betrayal. Mia wondered if that would stop anytime soon. That feeling. 
  • "Shit," He croaked finally, and his voice, Mia had to close her eyes, "Hi."
  • Mia couldn't speak for a few seconds. 
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