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Chapter 28

  • Mia stirred the next morning, disturbed by the slither of sunlight that was creeping its way across her face. She shifted uncomfortably away from it, flinching at the sudden pain at her side as she moved. Maybe if she hadn't slept on one side.
  • The assistant opened one eye, sliding her gaze over to the other side of the bed, and her heart fell at the sight of the empty yet rumpled sheets. That meant Damon had slept next to him, at least for a little while, but now he was gone. Mia climbed out of bed, ignoring the protests her body was making at the sudden movements.
  • She headed over to the closets and pulled out her suitcase, hurrying to grab something to put on after shower. Mia pulled on a long-sleeved top, one of her boss, but it looked so cosy and warm that she wanted to wear it. With that thought in her mind, the assistant rushed inside the bathroom.
  • After slipping on her clothes, she put her sunglasses up high on his head and had just set the bag when the door to the room flew open.
  • Damon's mouth dropped open as soon as his eyes fell on her, particularly the baggy sweater she was wearing. It happened to be his, after all. When he didn't talk for quite some time, Mia cleared the throat. 
  • "Say something."
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