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Chapter 38

  • Mia couldn't believe it. She froze mid-sentence, interrupting a story about her messing up with Jane's hair dye and accidentally adding violet colour. That was years ago, and they laughed about it alright more like Mia laughed while her friend could stop screaming at the mirror. It was hilarious at that time. They are all over it. 
  • "That's..." The assistant trailed off as she stared at the person she admired a lot—her idol. 
  • "Noah Parker," Damon supplied brightly, an amused quirk to his lips. "And his wife Melon, if I remember correctly. Let's go say hello, shall we?"
  • Or maybe it's time for Mia to hide in the bathroom and scream instead of welcoming the guests while drunk out of one's mind. In her defence she's happy and never thought that in a corporate party she would be able to meet Noah Parker who happened to be an A list actor. And man of her dreams. Who invited him? 
  • "Say hello?" Mia echoed. It may be possible she never sounded more out of her depth, and Damon touched her waist and gave her a reassuring grin.
  • "He's only human, I promise. And I'm pretty sure he'd like to meet you. His wife, too." Damon softly whispered by her side.
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