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Chapter 27

  • The next morning they had to get back in work mode, getting ready for the most important presentation. 
  • Damon insisted on them having a large platter of breakfast foods, coffee flowing freely in one of the small diner. Her boss believed that having food always braced them for the rest of the day. Mia couldn't exactly argue with that kind of logic. 
  • They then headed over to Cromwell's office, precisely as Mia pictured it to be—surrounded by monumental buildings and a spectacular view of the HOLLYWOOD sign. She wouldn't mind working there just for the view. 
  • The CEO introduced her to the important people, grinning the entire time when Cromwell asked if they were a couple. A question like that would definitely have offended Damon in New York, but in LA he simply laughed. 
  • "Mia I'm so sorry but can you wait here with my assistant for a while? We can have a quick meeting" Mr Cromwell smiled at her politely, his eyes flickering to Damon for a second.
  • It didn't crush her. She knew that they would do that. After all, she's just a personal assistant. Instead of sulking about it, Mia nodded her head. 
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