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Chapter 30

  • /HIS POV/ 
  • "Damon," She whispered, voice cracked and rough. "We have got to move; we're going to waste—"
  • The CEO lifted his head, blinking awake. In the tenderness of the early morning and her delicately drunken state, Mia looked so beautiful – if he were the writing type Damon could have written sonnets about her. Atleast tried to. The way her loose strands framed her face, the straight line of her nose, those gorgeous plush lips. He reached up to push some of her hair behind her ear and felt his heart constrict.
  • "You look really beautiful," He whispered, fingers lingering against the side of her face.
  • "And you are very cheesy" She mumbled and kissed the inside of his wrist. His pulse jumped, and they stared at each other for a few long seconds before his assistant let out a sigh.
  • Damon threaded his fingers in her hair, just watching her face afterwards; the rush of the wind outside was calming, only the sounds of the occasional hotel guest in the hallway breaking the silence.
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