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Chapter 37

  • Mia went back to Damon's place. She couldn't withstand knowing that he's upset with her. Also, the assistant missed not being with him. The last two days were agonising trying to think about the every moment she wanted to hate him. There weren't many to start with. By the end of the first day, she's exhausted and just wanted to forget about it. Hence the lunch date with Jake. 
  • He's not at his place. Her boss would never make it easy for her. Mia drove back to work, trying not to scream in the void of the car. 
  • The assistant knocked on the door very well seeing the stiletto of her boss through the tinted glass door. Damon tilted his head and motioned her to come into his office. Taking a deep breath, she pushed at the door and stepped in. The CEO was not looking pleased.
  • "Hope you had an amazing lunch date with that douche," He muttered in a low voice, once she was in earshot. 
  • "What was that?" She asked brightly, smiling at him, batting her eyelashes. The assistant didn't miss the way Damon's throat moved as he swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing.
  • "I asked how was your lunch with the man of your dreams?!" Damon said, and his voice had an underlying sense of urgency, desperation swimming in his tone. If she hadn't known any better Mia would say he hated Jake. He's jealous that's for sure. 
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