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Chapter 33

  • "I still can't believe you just – abandoned me," Jane grumbles now, voice a bit high.
  • Mia tried not to roll her eyes as she treaded lightly across the plush white carpet in their break room. For a change, they decided to stay back in the office and have lunch instead of going out. That was all her idea. She had just finished her work and then thought of whipping up some sandwich for Jane and her self. After all, Mia didn't have a boss to give her orders and demand ridiculous things. 
  • That's right. Damon didn't show up to work. It was taking everything in her, not just to quit working and show up on his door. What good would that do anyway? She can't abandon her responsibilities as he did. So the assistant dropped him a mail asking about his health while also informing about his cancelled meetings.
  • "I didn't abandon you, don't make it sound so dramatic. I went away to work with my boss."
  • After a glance at her surroundings, Mia shifted to sit across the seat from her best friend and picked at her sandwich. Too late, she became aware of Jane's watchful gaze resting on her, the two of them have been under a sunny spot.
  • "Why are you so twitchy?" Jane asked. "Looking for someone?"
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