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Chapter 23

  • When Mia got a call from her mother that she's in New York, her body sagged in relief. She couldn't have asked for her arrival at a better time. They managed to settle for a quick lunch as her mother was only staying for a day. After lunch, she had to meet another friend of hers. 
  • Precisely at one in the afternoon, Mia abruptly stood in the restaurant's doorway, staring wordlessly at the person in front of her. The sight sent a jolt of sadness through her. Her boss was sitting with a woman, not just any woman, the same one he was papped with. 
  • Before she knew it, her eyes stung. The assistant tried to hold onto the sob, threatening to break down any time. Her body hunched over as she gripped the doorframe to prevent from tipping over completely. Tremors wracked her fragile limbs, lungs seeming to shrink with every fluttery breath. This wasn't the first time Damon made her want to scream her lungs out. From time to time, she gave him that kind of power, but it stopped now. 
  • Swallowing the lump in her throat, she harshly sucked a breath and walked to her table. Mia didn't even bother to spare another glance in their direction. 
  • Her mother, Emma stood up and threw arms around her, choking on a breath. Mia melted in her arms, inhaling the smell of cream and clothes softener while shedding a tear or two. She missed her so much. 
  • "I missed you mom."
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