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Chapter 22

  • Mia's head was hurting. She wanted to drown herself in alcohol, a whole bottle all to herself, and she also wanted her boss. All to herself. 
  • Since she's tired of holding her body upright in the couch, the assistant slid out of the chair and stretched out on the bed, the soft mattress underneath instantly making her eyes roll back. Her eyes were also so very tired, dropping as she kept staring at the door. 
  • That's how Jane found her, alone and small curled up in her bed. 
  • For a moment, her best friend just stared at her, the distant light from inside casting only one half of her face in brightness. Then she dropped down on the bed beside Mia, crossing her legs. She's quiet, waiting, and when the silence got too much, her best friend poked her. "Have you been laying in your bed all morning?"
  • Why does that matter? 
  • "Maybe"
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