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Chapter 35

  • Mia called a cab. She couldn't drive back anymore, suddenly feeling numb all over. The assistant couldn't believe this was happening to her. And all that within a day of getting back from Los Angeles. What about all those promises Damon made to her? Did they mean nothing? 
  • Her voice modulated from tears during the call; thankfully, nobody on the other end said anything. When it arrived, she hurriedly slid into the backseat and nodded to the driver. When the car started, the assistant broke down in tears and started crying. Silent, heavy tears weighed down by the incident she noticed just ten minutes before.
  • It was done. She let Damon go. She'd never have him again. 
  • But now, Damon could get his old schedule back and be successful without Mia holding him down. He could prosper and hang out with Lily without Mia's clinginess, and he could maybe even one day find a perfect fit in his new world better than Mia ever could. After all, Lily and he were a cute couple; the world thought so. The media and all those gossip rags did, so it wouldn't be late till Damon realised that Lilys the one for him. 
  • The thought made her cry harder.
  • When she got back home, Mia collapsed on the bed and sobbed harder when she inhaled traces of his scent in the sheets. How could he do this to her? She trusted him when he told her that nothing was going on between him and Lily. For crying out loud, he introduced her as a friend and then went ahead to sleep with her. 
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