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Chapter 39

  • /HIS POV/
  • Mia was grinding on him. Pressing her body against him sensually. It turned him on. At least enough people were dancing in the room that they're somewhat shielded from close inspection. Marginally. Even though stupid fucking Jake seemed to be staring at Damon, but he's getting kind of used to that. Whatever. He was enjoying it, embracing it with all his heart.
  • He let Mia tip her head back, falling on his shoulder, while his eyes drifted to seek out Jakes gaze. Deliberately, he pressed himself into the grinding. The CEO didn't want to invite him in the first place, but Mia insisted they make it right and also they were friends now. 
  • The platinum blonde guy twisted his mouth and turned away.
  • Damon wanted to laugh, wanted to throw his hands in the air. Instead, he twirled Mia in the circle of his arms and gave her a slow, lazy grin. She grinned back, her hair clinging to her forehead in a room filled with sweaty people, eyes clear and bright. 
  • "Just so you know..." She whispered, voice sultry. "I am about one drink from dropping to my knees for you."
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