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Chapter 99 Father And Son Meeting

  • Su Meng glanced at Shen Yu’an who stood outside the door. She then thought of the silly proposal that he had raised in the coffeehouse today. She honestly didn’t want to see this man anymore.
  • Still, he was Little Kai Kai’s biological father after all. The key was whether Little Kai Kai wanted to see him or not.
  • She turned around to look at Little Kai. “Darling, Shen Yu’an’s here. Do you want to see him?”
  • Little kai Kai had originally sat cross-legged and nestled himself in the sofa while playing on the cellphone. Upon hearing this question, he sat up straight, locked the phone, placed it on the table, and answered, “Let him in.”
  • Su Meng then opened the door and silently welcomed him in.
  • Shen Yu’an was nervous from the moment that he had stood outside their door and waited. His whole body was rigid. He was so nervous that he wanted to return to his company and write lines of codes just to calm down.
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