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Chapter 224 Not Allowed To Bully Mama

  • After dinner, Mrs Shen went upstairs while Mr Shen went to do some work in the study.
  • The living room was left with Shen Yu’an and his family.
  • Su Meng was helping Su Yankai with his project for kindergarten in his play corner, and Su Yankai was trying to make a robot out of aluminum drink cans.
  • Su Yankai had a high IQ and knew a lot of things, but he was still young and wasn’t very strong. The gloves he was wearing made him even clumsier.
  • On top of that, he had a lot of pride and didn’t want Su Meng to help him with this. “Mama, I want to do it myself.”
  • Su Meng watched as he used a sharp pair of scissors to cut the cans and wasn’t cutting through them well. She was afraid he would cut himself, so she tried to negotiate with him, “Babe, the cans are made from a hard material and you’re not strong enough to cut them. Tell you what, why don’t you draw the shape you want and I’ll help you cut, then you can piece them together yourself, alright?”
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