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Chapter 236 Visiting the Show

  • It was getting closer and closer to the day of the actual fashion show. Su Meng got busier and busier and often stayed in the office until 8 or even 9PM.
  • Meanwhile, Shen Yu’an was also busy with an important project and worked even longer hours than Su Meng. Sometimes he even had to stay the night in the office.
  • He was afraid that it would be unsafe for Su Meng to go home too late, so he arranged for a driver to drive Su Meng around.
  • The two of them didn’t have the same working hours nor work in the same place, so even though they lived in the same house, the number of times they saw each other in a month could be counted on one hand.
  • And each time they met, it was only enough to greet each other.
  • So all their dates and public display of affection had stopped for an entire month.
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