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Chapter 216 Send You All the Roses in the City

  • When Su Meng saw the three words ‘Shen Yu'an’ appearing on her screen, she hesitated for a few seconds before answering in a slightly cold tone, “What?”
  • Shen Yu'an failed to detect the annoyance in her voice from the other end of the phone and said in a lot voice, “I’m waiting for you downstairs.”
  • After finishing, he hung up swiftly as though he was afraid that Su Meng might reject him.
  • Su Meng was a bit confused, but she took her bag anyway and walked out of her office to be greeted by an extremely excited Zhang Xiaoyun.
  • She eagerly rambled while she grabbed Su Meng by the arm and bounced as she said, “Oh my god oh my god, Designer Su, your husband is so cool!”
  • Su Meng looked at the excited Zhang Xiaoyun bafflingly, “What happened?”
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