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Chapter 210 Leave It to Me

  • Shen Yu'an put down his chopsticks to say somewhat impatiently, “Mom, I’ll handle the marriage license.”
  • Mrs Shen was disbelieving of Shen Yu'an’s patronizing answer, “Then when do you plan on registering the marriage?”
  • Shen Yu'an put down his chopsticks a little angrily before he frowned, “Mom, I’ll handle it.”
  • Mrs Shen raised an eyebrow and was as angry as Shen Yu’an.
  • “I don’t want to deal with this lousy attitude of yours either. I keep pushing you to register the marriage for the sake of my dear grandson. For as long as you procrastinate, my dear grandson won’t be officially recognized as part of our family and will always be an illegitimate son. If not for my grandson, I couldn’t be bothered about when you two obtain a marriage license.”
  • Mrs Shen’s words immediately woke Su Meng and Shen Yu'an up.
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