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Chapter 213 The Fight Trended Online

  • Su Meng flung Shen Yu'an’s outstretched hands away. When the car stopped after some time, she opened the car door to get off. Su Meng kept her head lowered as she left, wiping the tears from her eyes.
  • At the sight of how pitiful Su Meng appeared, Shen Yu'an’s heart flew into confusion.
  • He got off the car on one foot and gave chase using his crutch without any consideration.
  • But he was slowed down by his leg injury, and by the time he got off the car, Su Meng was already nowhere to be seen.
  • He furiously turned back and slammed the door so hard that the car shook. The driver in front was so alarmed that he thought someone else had knocked into his car.
  • When he got off the car, he was in too great a hurry and forgot to wear his sunglasses and hat. Also, his white cast was too conspicuous, so all it took was five minutes before some passersby recognized him as he stood by the car.
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