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Chapter 240 Smashing the Laptop

  • Shen Yu’an held Su Meng’s slightly clammy hand and quietly scanned all her quiet colleagues.
  • His gaze was very pressurizing and all those who had raised their voices at Su Meng couldn’t help but look down.
  • Su Meng felt the warmth from Shen Yu’an’s hand and suddenly remembered that this man was an amazing programmer. She looked at him pleadingly and said, “Hubby, can you help me?”
  • This form of address pleased Shen Yu’an greatly.
  • His lips twitched as they curled upwards. He replied confidently, “Tell me what happened.”
  • Su Meng recounted what happened with the music file and said very sincerely, “Hubby, this music file is very important to me. It’s really very, very important and you have to find it for me.”
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