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Chapter 226 My Son Is Missing

  • When Shen Yu’an looked at how Su Meng was sleeping peacefully in his arms, that half she was leaning on stiffened up.
  • Su Meng looked all relaxed and seemed to be having a good dream. Her lips curled up slightly and had a child like look on her face.
  • Her usually bright almond shaped eyes were shut, but her long eyelashes curled upwards and the morning sun cast a faint shadow on her face.
  • But Shen Yu’an wasn’t in the mood to appreciate this sleeping beauty in front of him.
  • Su Meng was hanging on him like a koala with an arm and a leg around his waist.
  • He could feel her warm breath on his exposed chest. Shen Yu’an was someone who was already very sensitive in the morning to begin with, and now his face and ears were all red, and even his breathing started to quicken.
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