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Chapter 211 Let's Register the Marriage

  • Shen Yu'an took out his phone and opened a shopping website that sold absolutely anything and sent the link to Su Meng.
  • Su Meng was completely speechless as she looked at the booklet with the words ‘marriage license’ in embossed in gold on its cover on her phone going for $5.
  • “You…do you intend to buy a fake marriage license?”
  • If anyone knew Shen Yu'an’s marriage license was bought online for $5, all citizens would convulse in laughter.
  • Shen Yu'an scrutinized the marriage license on Su Meng’s phone screen indifferently before nodding in praise, “This marriage license looks pretty authentic. It’s enough to fool others.”
  • Su Meng looked at Shen Yu'an as though he were an idiot. “But our personal information and marital status won’t be changed. Wouldn’t we get exposed if someone checked it?”
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