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Chapter 237 Wifey, Do You Like It

  • Su Meng didn’t want Shen Yu’an to wait for too long, so she quickly resolved some of the more obvious problems, then hopped into Shen Yu’an’s luxury car under the envious gaze of everyone else.
  • It had been a month since she last sat with Shen Yu’an in the car like this and she felt strangely nervous.
  • “Since you’ve removed the cast on your leg, does that mean that your leg is almost healed?”
  • Shen Yu’an could tell that Su Meng was nervous and he also knew that she wouldn’t reject his advances as long as a third party was around. So he purposely put an arm around her shoulders and said, “Soon. The doctor said I need to rest for one more month.”
  • Su Meng leaned against Shen Yu’an’s broad chest and the smell of his cypress scent filled her nostrils. She could feel the warmth and hard muscles of the man next to her and felt very uncomfortable all over.
  • She pushed Shen Yu’an and said, “Let go of me, don’t sit so close.”
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