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Chapter 225 Sleeping on the Same Bed

  • Su Meng frowned when she saw Shen Yu’an was bare chested and felt that it might be a bad influence on Su Yankai. “Wear your clothes properly! Yankai is around!”
  • Shen Yu’an quietly tightened his bathrobe properly as Su Yankai glared so disdainfully at him. He decided against asking Su Meng to help him scrub his back and just said, “I’m going to bathe.”
  • He walked into the bathroom and sighed helplessly when he looked at all the toiletries he had lined up so nicely.
  • That was the problem with having a kid before settling in with a wife.
  • Shen Yu’an sadly bathed himself in the bathroom while Su Yankai was having fun somersaulting on the bed as if he had entered an amusement park of sorts.
  • This was the first time Su Meng was seeing Su Yankai this excited. She laughed and said, “Babe, why are you so happy?”
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