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Chapter 212 You Asshole

  • Su Meng thought Shen Yu'an would definitely have something to say after listening to her.
  • But Shen Yu'an just frowned and looked perplexedly at Su Meng without uttering a word.
  • Even if he called her stupid, rejected her, or agreed to it right away, it was better than having him stare straight at her without saying a thing.
  • Su Meng felt uncomfortable from Shen Yu'an's continued staring and hurried him, "Say something, will you? Why keep staring at me?"
  • Shen Yu'an truly couldn't understand this woman here.
  • Just yesterday, when his mother rushed them to get married and change Yankai’s surname, she was so anxious that she was on the brink of tears. She even looked like she would just do whatever she wanted if he refused to agree.
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