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Chapter 242 The Whole World Knows that I Like You

  • “I didn’t do it!” Lin Xiyu retorted immediately.
  • Su Meng frowned hard at her. “Then why did you touch my laptop? What were you doing with it?!”
  • Lin Xiyu guiltily looked away and pushed her hair behind her ear as she pretended to look calm. “I just wanted to…just wanted to listen to the music you had for the show. That’s right, I just wanted to listen to it since the company spent so much money on hiring someone to record it. I hadn’t heard it before, so I thought of listening to it in the afternoon.”
  • Su Meng scoffed coldly as she glared straight at Lin Xiyu, who didn’t dare to look at her and kept glancing to the left and right. “You’re making things up! You touched my laptop in the afternoon and deleted the file! And just now, you purposely lost your balance in order to damage the laptop and destroy all the evidence! It’s definitely you!”
  • Lin Xiyu looked at the broken laptop pieces on the floor and was suddenly no longer afraid.
  • She folded her arms and her bright red lips curled into a smile. She turned and even sounded smug now. “You say that I’m the one who deleted your files. Prove it!”
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