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Chapter 223 All For Your Sake

  • That night, Su Meng drove the very pink colored car back to the Shen’s house.
  • The moment she stepped out of the car, Su Yankai pounced onto her like a cannonball. He had been waiting for her at the steps for a long time now.
  • “Mama!”
  • Su Meng reached out and hugged his tiny body tightly and a big smile appeared on her face. She kissed Su Yankai’s face several times. “Oh my dearest, dearest son!”
  • Su Yankai was so tickled by his mother’s kisses and clung onto his mother’s neck like a koala. He started kissing Su Meng back the same way and then declared in his childish voice, “Oh my dearest, dearest Mama!”
  • Su Meng laughed even more happily and carried Su Yankai into the house, only to meet with a cold faced Mrs Shen.
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