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Chapter 207 You Take the Bed

  • Shen Yu'an applied the cling wrap on his leg randomly for a few more rounds. He ignored Su Meng’s surprise and hopped into the bathroom on one leg with a scowl on his face.
  • Su Meng was startled as she watched him slam the glass bathroom door loudly with a bam.
  • Things were perfectly fine moments ago. Why did he suddenly get angry?
  • She was the one who helped apply cling wrap on him out of the kindness of her heart.
  • She gave him a dirty look as she rubbed her butt where it had gotten hurt from the fall and cursed, “You’re crazy!”
  • The man she just cursed leaned against the sink with both hands after entering the bathroom and stared at the mirror with his ears all red. He couldn’t help swearing at her.
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