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Chapter 229 Becoming the Head Designer

  • The moment Lin Xiyu walked out of sight, everyone started feeling upset for Su Meng.
  • “Designer Lin is really terrible. She even scoffed on purpose.”
  • “Designer Su, you’re really too nice. You even greeted her first.”
  • Su Meng was also unhappy with the way Lin Xiyu behaved towards her, but she didn’t like to speak badly of others behind their back, so she quickly tried to stop the conversation. “Perhaps Designer Lin has urgent work matters to attend to.”
  • “The work day hasn’t even started yet so how could she have anything to attend to? She’s just jealous that you have such a wonderful husband, while she doesn’t even have a boyfriend even though she’s already in her thirties.”
  • “Exactly. She must be jealous of how you’re such an excellent worker and with such a perfect family.”
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