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Chapter 98 You Guys Get Married Then

  • On the way to pick up Little Kai Kai after she had gotten off her work, Su Meng received a call from her mother.
  • Hu Yang’s tone was especially gentle. It was so gentle that it was hair-raising. This was the first time that Su Meng had ever heard Hu Yang speak to her in this matter.
  • Hu Yang asked Su Meng about big things and little things as if she cared a lot for her. The topics ranged from breakfast to the drop in temperature at night to adjusting the heating. Her mother was very meticulous towards her.
  • Just when Su Meng was deep in dreamland and about to giggle, Hu Yang finally revealed the purpose behind the call.
  • She warily asked, “What did the Shen family say?”
  • Su Meng recalled the contract that Shen Yu’an had mentioned during the noon. She deeply furrowed her brows but flawlessly lied, “They never called back. I don’t know what they want.”
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