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Chapter 96 Marriage Agreement

  • Shen Yu’an glanced at the resignation letter on the table. He didn’t open it, but looked skeptically at Si Junyan in front of him. “Are you for real this time?”
  • In the past, Si Junyan joked about quitting, but he never really typed up an official resignation letter.
  • Si Junyan couldn’t resist but pull out a lighter and a cigarette from his pocket. He lit one up and took a drag, then waved the cigarette box at Shen Yu’an.
  • Shen Yu’an smoked occasionally. He wasn’t addicted to it but today, he felt a little tempted looking at the cigarettes. He took one and smoked it with Si Junyan.
  • The two men silently finished a cigarette.
  • Si Junyan was first to speak. “The old man’s sick. We think he’s got a few months to live, so I have to go back and help run the company. They even found me a wife. The Yuans’ young daughter. You know her too.”
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