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Chapter 93 A Discussion Amongst the Shens

  • Mother and Father Shen thought that even if Shen Yu’an didn’t cry with joy, he would at least be shocked after they said something so serious.
  • Who would have predicted that Shen Yu’an actually started to laugh out loud until he cried?
  • “Dad, Mum, I know you both really want a grandson, but to see the son of the woman I dated, then call him my son is taking it a little too far.”
  • Mother Shen looked at Shen Yu’an as if he was a fool. “Do you think that we’re stupid like you?”
  • With a slap, she placed the examination report that they got from Wei Su Meng today on the table.
  • Shen Yu’an looked at the report, and his smile froze.
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