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Chapter 92 I Have a Son?

  • In comparison to the cold, miserable atmosphere in Su Meng’s house, the Shen residence was obviously excessively warm and lively. It even seemed a little more festive than New Year’s.
  • When Mrs. Shen returned home, she asked the nanny to call Shen Yu’an. “Call Yu’an and tell him I have something really important to tell him.”
  • She seemed to feel as though that wasn’t enough, and changed her message. “Forget it. Tell him that I had an asthma attack.”
  • She didn’t feel guilty at all for what she said. Her asthma did in fact act up today.
  • Shen Yu’an was still doing overtime at the company when he received the nanny’s call. They told him that his mother had an asthma attack, which frightened him out of doing overtime to quickly rush home.
  • When he stepped through the door, he saw his mother perfectly fine, eating at the dining table.
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