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Chapter 91 Being Honest

  • Incredibly emotional, Su Meng told them the truth, and then saw the Shens to the door. When she spun around, she saw Kaikai sitting on the sofa with a serious look on his little face.
  • She looked at Kaikai in front of her, and thought about the possibility of the Shens stealing him away from her after learning his identity. Her heart ached, so she reached her hands out to hug Kaikai.
  • Who knew that Kaikai would unexpectedly smack her hand away.
  • Both mother and son paused.
  • This was the first time Kaikai showed any resistance towards Su Meng.
  • Su Yankai pursed his lips and glared at Su Meng. He revealed the same hurt look as a wolf cub with soft claws, who had just stepped out of its lair. “You want to send me away?”
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