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Chapter 9 Stolen Account

  • Upon seeing the mother and child, Yuan Xinlei first gave little Kai Kai a hard kiss on the cheek, who then rolled his eyes at her and prompted Yuan Xinlei to laugh.
  • "Haven't seen you in a year already! My Little Kai Kai became much more handsome! Come, let godmother kiss you again!"
  • After she had spoken, Yuan Xinlei puckered her lips, ready to kiss him.
  • Little Kai Kai's complexion turned ashen, and he ran towards Su Meng and buried his head in embrace.
  • Seeing that he was truly embarrassed, Su Meng quickly halted Yuan Xinlei and remarked, "Alright already. Don't tease him anymore. He'll ignore you if you keep at it!"
  • Kai Kai might be young, but he had a temper that surpassed his age.
  • Because he had once grown exasperated with Yuan Xinlei's kisses, he had ignored her for half a year.
  • Yuan Xinlei sat down and gazed at Little Kai Kai's chubby cheeks puffed up in annoyance at her. From whichever angle she chose to look at him, he always appeared adorable. She had laughed heartily until the dishes were served. It was then that she began a more serious conversation with Su Meng.
  • "Are you staying for sure this time?"
  • Su Meng filled up Kai Kai's bowl with soup and replied to Yuan Xinlei, "Try this soup later. I won't leave for the time being. After all, my mother's here."
  • Yuan Xinlei hesitantly noted, "Zhao Zhijun and Liu Liyun opened an apparel boutique on Taoabao a few years ago. I heard that their business is doing well. Their yearly revenue is in the tens of millions. I'm afraid that you'll meet those two jerks since you're in this industry as well."
  • On the contrary, Su Meng didn't really care. "I just bumped into Liu Liyun, and I didn't suffer any losses at all. You can relax."
  • "What?! You guys just met?! Are you okay?!" Yuan Xinlei fretted over Su Meng.
  • Yuan Xinlei had stayed with Su Meng abroad for half a year, so she knew well how despondent Su Meng had been during her mental and emotional recovery after she had been betrayed by those two snakes.
  • Su Meng did not have a strong spirit, so she was truly worried that Su Meng would suffer in the hands of Zhao Zhijun and Liu Liyun.
  • Su Meng was touched by Yuan Xinlei's consideration yet she found it funny at the same time. "Xinlei, I'm really okay. I'm not just Su Meng but also Kai Kai's mother. I can take care of myself. Don't worry about me."
  • They always said that a mother's will was strong. The past Su Meng had been weak because she had placed all her hopes on a bastard like Zhao Zhijun.
  • Kai Kai only had one relative, and that was her, his mom. She had to become stronger, so that he could grow up safely from harm's way.
  • As for Kai Kai, he had the same exact thought as her. He puffed up his chest and declared, "Godmother, I will protect mama. I won't let people bully her. Just wait and see!"
  • On a certain Weibo mobile account with over 500,000 followers was this recently sent post: "Amazing! KOL Cloud Fairy had spent 120,000 on a fake purse." Attached was a video of Liu Liyun going berserk in the flagship store.
  • Below the post were 20,000 shares and 10,000 comments.
  • "Holy cow! 120,000 yuan counterfeit! What a feat! Most likely the most expensive fake ever!"
  • "Didn't Cloud Fairy say that she's a fair-looking, rich beauty who lived in a big mansion? How could she have bought a fake product?!"
  • Yet, there were devout fans who spoke on her behalf. "Blame it on the conniving seller! As if you guys have never bought fakes before!"
  • After she had watched the video, Yuan Xinlei broke into a fit of laughter. "Hahaha! 120,000 for a fake purse! This is enough to keep me laughing for a year! And she bought fans by the numbers so that she could become a social media influencer. Fair-looking rich beauty not! She'll probably lose a lot of fans after this incident. Haha, oh my gosh! My stomach hurts!"
  • In an instant, the weibo post disappeared. The account owner sent another one which explained that the account had been hacked.
  • However, many netizens had saved the video within a few seconds of the post being sent out, and it went viral.
  • Su Meng looked away with a blank expression and turned to glare at Kai Kai who was trying hard to focus on his soup. "Su Yankai! Were you the one who hacked the account and sent that post?"