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Chapter 89 Left and Returned

  • Having already left, the Shens returned to catch Zhao Zhijun raise his hand to hit someone.
  • Without needing to say a word, their bodyguards and servants, who had always followed behind them, rushed ahead and pinned Zhao Zhijun down.
  • As soon as Mrs. Zhao saw people had pinned her son to the ground, unable to move, she immediately lost it and scratched the bodyguards’ faces. “Let go of my son! Or I’ll fight you with everything I’ve got!”
  • Mr. Shen watched everything happen in front of him with furrowed brows and immediately called the police. “Chief Wang? May I trouble you to please send a few of your men over? There are people trespassing on private property and fighting.”
  • Su Meng saw that the Shens had returned and thought about the diamond watch on the coffee table. She instinctively wanted to shut the door.
  • But the Shens’ bodyguard never gave her the chance to. He held the door open, and waited for the Shens to step inside before letting go.
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