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Chapter 88 Hell On Earth 4

  • Su Meng ruthlessly swung Zhao Zhijun’s hand away and watched as his face was about to contort in anger. “That’s none of your business,” she scoffed.
  • Perhaps the diamond watch worth ten million that Mr. Shen gifted just before he left, had touched on a soft spot for Su Meng. She suddenly couldn’t stand her own mother, Hu Yang.
  • She snatched the diamond watch from Hu Yang, who caressed it non-stop. “I’d rather die than remarry Zhao Zhijun. I’ll say it one last time. Su Yankai doesn’t have the slightest relation to Zhao Zhijin. You may all now get out of my house,” she said with an extremely stern voice.
  • This was the first time that Su Meng was so stern in front of others. The three people in the room jumped in fright.
  • Based on Hu Yang’s temper, she would have jumped up to yell at Su Meng ages ago for talking back to her like that. However, she wasn’t mad this time around. In fact, she stood up for Su Meng.
  • “Zhijun. You have to see if both divorced parties are willing to get remarried. Seeing as Su Meng is so unwilling to do so, how about you leave it at that? Su Meng looks like she’s in a bad mood. Let’s just go.”
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