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Chapter 87 Hell On Earth 3

  • Mrs. Shen looked slightly more pleased by what Hu Yang said - but only by slightly.
  • Then, she withdrew the apologetic look on her face, sat upright, and donned the poise of a wealthy lady, “Oh, and so I see. I worried whether my sudden visit would affect your marriage but I’m relieved to hear what Mrs. Su said.”
  • However, she was in no mood to stay in that room any longer.
  • As far as she was concerned, a married woman and a divorced woman with a child were equally unacceptable.
  • Her son was outstanding, and he was only thirty years old. Even if he hadn’t fallen in love in the past, who knew if he might just find a suitable woman in the future. He would do a lot better than marrying a divorced woman with a child.
  • She pulled Mr. Shen, who hadn’t said a word since stepping inside the room, to his feet, “I suppose you all have matters to discuss. We won’t trouble you any longer.”
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