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Chapter 86 Hell On Earth 2

  • After her painstaking wait for people to finish placing the gifts down, Su Meng walked back from the door to the sofa. That’s when, she happened to hear what Mother Shen said.
  • As she nervously held Kaikai in her arms, she pushed Kaikai’s face right up against her, blocking his view. With a tense look on her face, she retorted, “Mrs. Shen, Shen Yu’an and I have only met a few times. We were never dating.”
  • She wanted to also deny Zhao Zhijun’s claims that they were husband and wife. However, when the words reached her mouth, she gulped them back down.
  • After all, she would rather Mrs. Shen mistake her and Zhao Zhijun for a married couple, than completely make them not want to see her.
  • She believed that nobody would want their son to be involved with a married woman.
  • Mrs. Shen had an awful look on her face and she felt even more flustered; especially when she saw the pile of carefully selected gifts for her daughter-in-law in the living room.
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