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Chapter 85 Hell on Earth

  • Noticing Su Meng’s dazed expression and afraid that she had frightened her, Mrs. Shen warmly said, “Miss Su, no need to overthink. We are only here, as Shen Yu’an’s parents, to see you. We have no other intentions.”
  • When Su Meng heard this, she couldn’t help but rant.
  • It’s because you are Shen Yu’an’s parents that I’m panicking!
  • I have already resolved the Shen Yu’an case and severed ties with him, so why are you two here?!
  • Su Meng then thought of Little Kai Kai who greatly resembled Shen Yu’an, the Zhao mother and son duo who claimed Little Kai was their blood and flesh, her own selfish mother who hurried her to remarry, and finally, Shen Yu’an’s parents. The throbbing headache grew even stronger.
  • She was already bogged down by numerous concerns. She didn’t need additional problems stirred by these two.
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