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Chapter 82 Forcing the Marriage Upon Visiting

  • Su Meng was joyous beyond belief after Little Kai Kai had presented her his bag full of little red flowers. Not only did she forward the picture of it on her WeChat moment, she also called Yuan Xinlei to boast about it.
  • Yuan Xinlei grew jealous and chirped, “Meng Meng, your son’s so understanding! I really want to kidnap him and raise him myself!”
  • Su Meng laughed in reply. “He’s my son after all! Of course he’s a well-behaved and understanding! Just look at me! I’m his model.”
  • Yuan Xinlei knew that Su Meng had recently been harassed by her mother to remarry. Worried that she would coaxed into agreeing, she remarked, “Meng Meng, you are indeed a good child yourself. However, there are times where you have to stand up for yourself.”
  • Su Meng recalled the troubles that she had gone through the past week. The indignation welling up inside of her finally burst, and she confessed to Yuan Xinlei.
  • “Xinlei, they’re making me nuts. Zhao Zhijun calls me nonstop. My mom, even when she’s travelling abroad, also calls me nonstop. She keeps telling me that if I don’t remarry, I will be a spinster for life. She laments that nobody will take care of her. I get so angry just thinking about each time. I really want to get that DNA report and throw it on their faces.”
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