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Chapter 81 Little Red Flowers

  • After being forced to rendezvous with Zhao Zhijun over the past couple of days and receiving nonstop calls from Hu Yang about remarrying, whatever had been left of Su Meng’s good mood had been eroded.
  • However, she was Little Kai Kai’s mother. She could not reveal any hint of disgust and impatience before him.
  • Still, Little Kai Kai could sense that his Mother had recently in a bad mood. As a result, he had acted obediently and amenably every day.
  • He had previously never cared about competing for those ugly little red flowers against his classmates. Yet, seeing that his mother was unhappy, Little Kai Kai had then thought of how uplifted she would be upon seeing him presenting her with the little red flowers. Thus, he had decided to put in effort in retrieving the flowers.
  • With resolution, Little Kai Kai had become the class’s most obedient and most understanding student, winning flowers from many categories of performance.
  • Other than that, he had always used numerous methods to win the little red flowers in other areas.
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