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Chapter 80 Forced Marriage

  • When Su Meng heard Hu Yang refer her as a used tissue, Su Meng’s heart instantly shattered. She held back her tears and whispered, “If no one wants to marry me, then I won’t marry. I’m happy with Little Kai Kai.
  • “If you don’t marry, then you plan to stay at home like a hermit? You want people to point fingers at me?”
  • Upon hearing her remark, Su Meng felt as if there was a big lump in her throat. It wouldn’t go up nor down. She couldn’t breathe, and she wanted to cry but the tears just wouldn’t fall.
  • “Mother, don’t worry. I won’t let my matters negatively affect you.”
  • Hu Yang grew more livid after what Su Meng had just said. “You won’t negatively affect me, but with your meager income, how are you supposed to support me? Do you expect your Uncle Zhang’s only daughter to support the both of us?”
  • Su Meng could not grasp Hu Yang’s logic. “Mom, why would you think that way? You are my mother. I, of course, will take care of you no matter what. However, just because I do not want to marry again does not imply that I am incapable of supporting you .”
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