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Chapter 8 Face Slapping

  • Upon hearing the people calling her shameless and and barefaced, the grip on her bag tightened so much that her knuckles turned white. Without even thinking, she angrily blurted, "Call the police then! Justice stands! I paid 120,000 for this bag! How dare you call it a well-designed counterfeit! If you can't pay for the damage, then so be it! Stop spreading lies!"
  • Su Meng had scheduled to have dinner with Yuan Xinlei, so she did not want to waste any time with Liu Liyun at the police station.
  • "Liu Liyun, there's a GC flagship store upstairs. We'll get the manager to see if your bag is real or not, alright? I'm also not going to argue with you about compensation for your bag. We'll let the staff in the control room see who was the one that bumped into the other first!"
  • With a smug expression, Liu Liyun eagerly wanted to slap Su Meng across the face with the results. "Fine then! Let's go! I didn't want to argue with you on this based on our past relationship, but since you insist on being pigheaded, then don't blame me for your imminent humiliation!"
  • Su Meng smirked at her. "Thanks, but I don't think we had a relationship to begin with."
  • She turned around to pick up Little Kai Kai and headed up to the GC flagship store on the fourth level.
  • Many people followed the two upstairs.
  • Because of their commotion, the GC employee had already gotten wind of their arrival. She took Liu Liyun's bag and began to inspect it.
  • Liu Liyuan brushed her hair back and casually touched up her makeup. "Open your eyes and look carefully to see if this bag is real or not!"
  • The GC employee had checked the bag from inside out, but she had, ironically, missed the broken zipper.
  • Su Meng reminded her, "Did you check that zipper?"
  • "Su Meng, have you ever bought a 100,000-plus bag before? If you haven't, then don't boss them around!"
  • "Indeed I haven't, but I have seen one up close before. Your zipper right here is aluminum coated with copper. Outside is gold-colored, but inside is silvery-white. GC's products are made with high-quality material! All of its zippers are made of pure copper!"
  • "Bullshit! I spent 120,000 on this! How can it be fake?!" Li Liyun's eyes reddened with anger at the thought of paying 120,000 for a counterfeit.
  • The GC employee finally interjected, "This miss is correct. All of our brand's bags metals are made of pure copper. Your bag's zipper here is indeed copper-coated aluminum. Also, this bag is priced at 168,888 yuan on our official website. Madam, I'd like to know where you got this 120,000 bag from."
  • Even though the GC employee had spoken euphemistically, her meaning was very clear. She had surmised that Liu Liyun had gotten the counterfeit through an illegal channel.
  • Liu Liyun snatched the purse from her and inspected it herself. The broken zipper was indeed painted on.
  • She couldn't believe that she had wasted 120,000 on a fake bag. Liu Liyun grabbed the female employee by the collar and berated her, "Impossible! I spent 120,000 on this! How can it be fake?! Are you blind?! Just look at the material! Look at the linings!"
  • Frightened to the extent of tears welling up in her eyes, the employee cried for help.
  • The security guard immediately dragged the unstable Liu Liyun out the door. "Madam, please calm down. Otherwise, we will call the police!"
  • Su Meng stood by the side and inwardly laughed at the drama unfolding.
  • She had lost to a woman of this caliber five years ago. It would seem that Zhao Zhijun did not have a good eye either.
  • Cameras from the onlookers clicked nonstop as they perfectly captured Liu Liyun's crazed look.
  • Liu Liyun finally regained her senses after she had heard the cameras click away. She hollered at the guard, "Unhand me!"
  • Seeing that she had calmed down, the guard let her go but continued to watch her, afraid that she might lose control not long after.
  • Liu Liyuan smoothed her hair and glowered at Su Meng. "Su Meng, this isn't over between us!"
  • Su Meng merely smiled at the irate Liu Liyun. "Take care! Do be careful next time when you buy a bag! Even I feel bad for you for buying a 120,000 fake."
  • Provoked by her words, Liu Liyun exploded, threw her purse on the ground, and violently stomped it.
  • Liu Liyun watched as the destroyed cosmetics flew out from the bag. Indignant, she had lost more than just 120,000 today.
  • Su Meng, on the other hand, was in a jovial mood.
  • She waved to Little Kai Kai and said, "Darling, let's get going!"
  • Little Kai Kai was sitting to one side. His little thumb clicked enter, and the numbers of shares and comments instantly increased. Satisfied, his lips curled into a smile.
  • He stuffed his phone back into his pocket, and, once in a blue moon, held Su Meng's hand as they walked out.