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Chapter 77 Kicking Out the Former Mother-in-Law

  • Unable to tolerate hearing the incessant curses, Su Meng carried Little Kai Kai back to his room and suggested, “Babe, stay in your room for the meantime. I’m going to make a phone call.”
  • Dispirited, Little Kai Kai nodded his head.
  • He had originally thought that with his computer science skills, he was unrivalled in this world and could protect his Mama without fear of any repercussions. However, after having witnessed the incident with that annoying granny today, he realized that his skills were ineffective against savage and unreasonable old people who knew nothing about digital technology.
  • He resolutely swore to himself that he needed to train his body, grow up to be strong and tall, and be like Mama who could throw people out the door.
  • After Su Meng had closed her door, though she could still hear the nonstop curses from beyond, she immediately called Zhao Zhijun on the phone.
  • Once the line connected through, she hollered at him, “Zhao Zhijun! Your mom is ill! Why don’t you lock her up in the mental asylum! Don’t let her out to bark at people! Get over here right now and take her away! Otherwise, I’ll call the police!”
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