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Chapter 76 Former Mother-in-Law Throwing a Tantrum

  • Putting on a snooty face, the old Mrs Zhao pointed at Su Meng and chided, “Su Men, how are you a mother?! What time is it already?! You still haven’t made your son breakfast?! Do you want to starve my precious grandson?!”
  • Su Meng glimpsed at the quartz clock on the wall. It was a few seconds past eight only. Eating breakfast now was not considered too late.
  • Then what does her last sentence mean? My precious grandson.
  • She suddenly understood. There was no way that the old woman would be so courteous as to visit her and bring gifts after not having seen her in so many years. She had to have heard from Zhao Zhijun about Little Kai Kai, so she was here to see her grandson.
  • Su Meng reminded herself that the woman before her was an old lady in her seventies. She had to show respect for the elderly and contain her temper.
  • She suppressed the boiling rage from within and firmly remarked, “Aunty Zhao, I always have breakfast at this time. Also, Little Kai Kai is my son. He has nothing to do with you. Do not claim that he is your grandson.”
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