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Chapter 74 A Shopping Spree for Mom

  • Little Kai Kai looked at Su Meng with curious eyes, wrapped his arms around her, raised his head up to glance at Su Meng who was busily wiping away her tears, and queried, “Mama, what’s wrong?”
  • She repeatedly shook her head. “It’s nothing. Just stand in my eyes.”
  • Little Kai Kai obviously did not believe her. He pursed his lips and retorted, “Mama, I’m five years old. Your lie doesn’t work on me. Now tell me, what’s wrong?”
  • As he spoke, he clung onto her leg and climbed up.
  • Little Kai Kai, soft like a cotton ball, rested in her embrace, prompting Su Meng’s urge to cry again.
  • She didn’t know why she had cried. Perhaps she had feared that Shen Yu’an would take away Little Kai Kai, or perhaps she had felt incredibly hurt by the incident five years ago. Maybe it was a different reason all together.
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