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Chapter 73 Father and Son Relationship

  • Su Meng carried her fabric, took in a few deep breaths, and eventually suppressed the storm of emotions welling up inside of her.
  • Over these past few days, Zhao Zhijun, as if he was possessed, constantly came to her company to look for her and begged her to remarry him.
  • No matter how much she had cursed and jeered at him, he had always put on a sincere, apologetic face, allowed Su Meng to continuously berate him, and adamantly held on to his belief of remarriage.
  • She had even called Liu Liyun several times, but Liu Liyun had maintained, “For the sake of a happy family, I am willing to withdraw from all of this.”
  • She had even heard Little Kai Kai talk about Zhao Zhijun trying to pick him up from school under the claim that Zhao Zhijun was his father.
  • Thanks to the incident that Little Kai Kai had caused previously, Teacher Wang was now especially strict with Little Kai Kai’s supervision. Nobody was allowed to pick up Little Kai Kai unless it was Su Meng herself or someone whom Su Meng had given permission to .
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